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Measuring your Social Media Metrics and your Social Media Return-on-Investment is crucial for the success of your Social Media campaign.

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Jupiter Labs can help you with measuring your Social Media Metrics, providing your with detailed reports and as an extra bonus, we will offer you hands on recommendations based on our findings to excel your Social Media performance in the future!

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Our Services so you can keep track or your Social Media Metrics:

Weekly/Bi-weekly or Monthly Social Media Metrics Reports:

Social Media ROI Depending on your needs, we will create weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Social Media metrics reports for your company. These reports will include stats and graphs that give you valuable insights of the success of your Social Media campaign. We will customize our analytics to your needs and collect the data that you want to collect. Then we will present this data in a clear and concise way. Get your Social Media Metrics handed to you on a silver platter!

Hands-on Social Media Recommendations:

But this is the best part of our Social Media Metrics Services: We will not only provide you with the data in pretty graphs and stats, we will actually analyze the data and make recommendations to improve your Social Media Metrics and therefore your Social Media ROI. In addition to your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Social Media Metrics report, you will receive a hands-on action plan on how to improve your Social Media campaign and make it even better.

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