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How Social Media Marketing can help you grow your business

Jupiter Labs offers tailored Social Media Marketing Services to companies and businesses that want to take charge of their Social Media strategy and do Social Media the right way. Our Social Media Marketing Services will show you how to use Social Media channels effectively to create buzz, drive traffic to your website, provide excellent customer service and convert your exposure into sales. With our Social Media Marketing Services will cover your all your Social Media needs we will support you from start to finish.

 Jupiter Labs Social Media Marketing Services:

Social Media Analysis:

Social Media Analytics

Jupiter-Labs’ Social Media Analysis service will analyze your current Social Media presence and provide a hands-on plan of action to optimize your Social Media campaign. Our recommendations will help you to become more effective and increase your Social Media return on investment. Contact us today and find out, how you can improve your company’s Social Media Marketing.

  • Detailed analysis and report
  • Plan of action
  • Social Media SWOT analysis
  • Effective recommendations

Social Media Strategy:

Social Media Marketing - Social Media Strategy

Jupiter-Labs’ Social Media Strategy can help your company to create a creative and effective Social Media strategy that will increase customer engagement, brand exposure and ties in with your traditional Marketing strategy. We will give you hands-on recommendations and how-to guides to implement your Social Media strategy, provide you with goal plans to cross check your expectations and results and also offer the option to follow up with you to check on your progress, offer advice and keep your Social Media strategy on track.

  • Social Media strategy creation
  • 6 month, 1 year and 3 year goal plans
  • Implementation recommendations
  • Follow up and monitoring options
  • Crisis plan preparation

Social Media Training:

Social Media Marketing - Social Media Training

Jupiter-Labs offers Social Media Training for business owners, marketing professionals, groups, conferences and private individuals. The training sessions can be conducted online or in person at a location of your convenience. During our workshops you will not only listen to how it’s done, you will actually implement your new knowledge right away and get hands-on experience. Our Social Media Training empowers you to take charge of your Social Media presence! Contact us today to sign up for our Social Media Marketing Workshops!

  • Facebook 101
  • Blogging 101
  • Twitter 101
  • Social Media 101
  • Pinterest 101
  • Social Media Metrics

Social Media Campaign:

Social Media Marketing - Social Media Campaign

Jupiter Labs’ Social Media Campaign Support service can help your company to get started with Social Media. We can create optimized Social Media profiles for your brand, set up your blog and create special campaigns, like Social Media promotions or run advertisement campaigns on Facebook and Twitter to increase your company’s reach in the Social World. Contact us today to find out more about Jupiter Labs Social Media Campaigns.

  • Profile Setup
  • Blog Setup
  • Promotions and Contests
  • Social Media Advertisement

Social Media Metrics:

Social Media Marketing - Social Media Metrics

Jupiter-Labs offers Social Media Metric monitoring options to our clients. We will send you weekly/bi-weely or monthly reports on your Social Media results. Our metrics will give you insights in which Social Media channels are most effective for your target market, which content provides the most Return on Investment and keeps track of your improvement over time.

  • Weekly/bi-weekly or monthly reports
  • Measure your ROI
  • Hands-on recommendations

Why Social Media Marketing is so important to grow your business?

Social Media Marketing has matured to become an integral part of every successful marketing plan. Marketing professionals in every industry are incorporating Social Media strategies into their overall Marketing efforts and -if done right- are very successful with it.

  • 74% of Marketers said that Social Media helped them close business deals and made the sale easier
  • 45% of Marketers said that they have developed strategic Partnerships through Social Media channels
  • 65% of Marketers investing at least 6 hours per week in Social Media Marketing saw an improvement in Search Engine Results
  • Social Media Marketing produces almost twice as many leads as traditional Marketing channels
  • 74% of Marketers say that Facebook is important for lead generation
  • 21% of Marketers agree that SMM has become more important in the past 6 months

Social Media Marketing needs to be done right to be successful, but it is easy to get overwhelmed. Jupiter Labs can help you with your Social Media campaign from start to finish! Contact us today to find out how we can help your business succeed at Social Media Marketing!

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