Julie’s Blog: Mari Smith’s Steps to Facebook Success

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Julie’s Blog: Mari Smith’s Steps to Facebook Success

Julie’s Blog: Mari Smith’s Steps to Facebook Success

Mari Smith is this energetic and very knowledgeable Facebook Marketing Expert. She has a huge fan base with over 127,000+ Facebook Fans. She is from Canada but lived in Scotland for a while. Now she calls San Diego her home. Her Scottish accent is really cute and is paired with a fun personality. In this Webinar – 7 steps to Facebook Success, she gives expert tips and advice that she has used with her clients.  Mari believes that Social Media is an amplifier for your business. Facebook is one way to better amplify what you have to share with the world.

Edge Rank – 3 components of Facebook Success:

  1. Affinity – is the relationship you have with your fan page, and links
  2. Weight – a point system that records how many clicks you get and the amount of engagement you are receiving.
  3. Time Recency – this is the life cycle post is, there is a difference between the 2 minutes after you post something and 2 hours after you post something.

Before I introduce the 7 steps I would like to share some of her ninja tips that she gives to help boost your Facebook page:

Facebook Success Ninja Tips:

  • Change up your profile & cover pictures every so often!  When you change your picture it appear in the news feed. Adding a new picture or Info Graphic generates more clicks and adds more things for your fans to talk about. Make sure you add a short narrative (few sentences about graphic), a call to action, and a link. The call to action is inviting people to sign up for your email list or fan page and receive more information from you. The link should be to your website or business where You sell things.
  • Have a Passion Page! A Passion Page is a Facebook Page that is linked to your business. It can be used to share stories, pictures, statistics, or things you find interesting within your industry. Always link it back to your business page, you may get more likes and more sales when you are not directly selling products.
  • Content is King But Engagement is Queen, and she rules the house!


1. Develop a Strong Strategy for Facebook Success

This Is one of the main problems when companies start a Facebook Page. The original idea gets lost and strategy goes out the window. Come up with a clear Statement of what your Business would like to develop on Facebook. What do you define as Facebook Success for your business? Stick with the your goal. Then map out a strategic plan of when you will post, what you will post, and how long it will take you to post or comment back to fan’s. Make sure that every action you take contributes to your Facebook Success Strategy.

Some Examples of Facebook Success goals:

  • Improve Customer Service
  • Get your brand better known in the community
  • Make feed back easier for customers

These are examples of a clear goals that you can use a Facebook page for, once you have figured out what you would like to use your page for. Create a regular schedule of when you will post content, such as two posts per day, and stick to the plan. This is where you have to be creative with your time management skills, you must allocate a specific time daily for your social media page for it to be successful.

Mari Smith Facebook Success

2. Use Professional Graphics!!!

Facebook is very visual, so any pictures or tabs need to look pretty!

Create custom images that look slick and professional in the following areas of your Facebook Page:

  • Cover Image
  • Profile Picture
  • Thumb Nails
  • Each app at the top of the page, photos, about, link, etc

Most Facebook images come out in square boxes, the square will cut off a lot of photos if they are longer or bigger. The Thumb Nail will appear in each post, it is 600×600 pixels, make sure to crop and cut the image to size before uploading it in the thumb nail. Ninja Tip: change your cover image often. Make sure there is a narrative , call to action, and a link following your picture updates. Your fan page image post should be 600 x 600 pixels and your cover photo should be 851 x 350 pixels.

3. Map Out a Content Plan

Make a plan of what you are going to post and when you are going to post it, ahead of time. One of my own Ninja Tips would be to use the buffer app, as it does exactly that. It schedules your posts for a specific time and later date. Here is a recent blog I wrote about Buffer. After you post something it might be very popular for the first few hours. Once the popularity of your post dies down that is when you actually want to promote your recent post to bring back the popularity and attract more attention to the post, and your fan page. The best times to post varies and depends on what your business is and what you sell. So to figure out the best time to post your content you have to research, test and look at your Facebook page insights.

4. Building Fan base

Driving traffic from other channels is one way that can help build your Facebook fan page.  Use other places you have followers such as Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn  or  your email list. If you send regular emails to your list, make sure to encourage them to follow your Facebook fan page. At the end of your email you can tell them to follow for daily updates, make sure you add a link to the page for easy access.  While your fans and followers are more likely to follow you on Facebook, if they like you on another site already, it is important that you give them an incentive to follow you on Facebook. Offer exclusive deals or coupons or do promotions and giveaways that only your Facebook fans can enter.

Victory Facebook Page

5. Engage Engage Engage!!

Content is King But Engagement is Queen and she rules the house!

  • Respond as quickly as possible
  • Figure out how devoted you are to your page
  • Get to know your fans
  • A passionate community manager is needed!

The faster you respond the better. 1 in 6 Facebook fans expects you to respond within 30 minutes! On average about 45% of questions being asked to businesses on Social Media are not answered. If you don’t respond, then customers will take their business to your competitors. Embrace your fans get to know them, form bonds that last and will promote your business. A passionate community manager is very important when building your brand and leading it to Facebook success.

6. Ask for the Sale

You have to ask for the sale. Some customers will play you ask you questions make you work and walk away. That is something you just have to expect and get over quickly, because your true customer may be the next person in line.  It is perfectly ok to pitch and sell on Facebook, Don’t be afraid of getting the sale.  Create a scarcity, create a sale or give away that is just too good to pass up! Ask yourself what would you want as a customer? If it makes you want it, then your customers will want it too.

7. Track and Tweak

See what is working and what is not. How many people did your post reach? Use Facebook Insights, download the post level data, look at the reach for just your fans, also the viral number of people you saw,  look at how many people reported or spammed your posts. There are so many stats in the freely provided Facebook Insights that can help you with all this. Then use the information to change your next posts so that you reach more people and have less issues and reports as spam.

That completes the 7 steps to Mari’s Smith’s Facebook Success Webinar. She wrote a book about Facebook Success also and gives it away to live participants that sign up for her Webinars. The link I watched is 7 step Success Plan on YouTube.Com. The Webinar is close to 2 hours long, but it has so much information. It is very worth the two hours, if it helps improve your Facebook page, and help connect to your target market.

Is your company on Facebook? Do you have a goal plan for Facebook Success? Share your story, comments or your questions with us.

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