Julie’s Blog: Buffer App – The Best Social Media Scheduling Tool

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Julie’s Blog: Buffer App – The Best Social Media Scheduling Tool

Julie’s Blog: Buffer App – The Best Social Media Scheduling Tool

Do you know about Buffer App? I have just recently found out about this amazing Buffer App and I’m in love with it! If you don’t use Buffer yet its a must for anyone who wants to increase their Social Media status. It can also help to increase fans and followers with frequent posts.  I highly recommend the Buffer App to any and everyone not just Social Media Consultants but even people who use Social Media on a personal level. This App is for everyone!

Another reason why I am so happy with this app and so willing to recommended it to everyone I know, is because they have amazing customer service. I am very, very critical of customer service because I worked in the customer service industry. I was amazed the first time I wrote Buffer App an email when having trouble adding one of my social networks the first time downloading the app. They replied that day an hour later! I couldn’t believe it I don’t even respond to some of my text messages that fast.

Having a constant Social Media presence is tough especially when you have a thousand and one other things you have to do during the day. For you to gain recognition and  more followers it is crucial that you are constantly seen in the news feed. Buffer allows you to set all your posts for that day or the next few days and automatically sends them at the specified time and date. Its Just like setting an alarm to wake you up. Keep your followers engaged and up to date while you are away!

Buffer App Social Media Scheduling Tool

Basics About Buffer App:

It is a App for Social Media networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ (pages only) and App.net, that allows you to post one time to every network at the same time. It allows you to pick the time and specific day you want to post to the networks and saves it in a queue until that day or time. Its purpose is to save you from going to every site uploading the same data and description over and over again. Which does get to be tedious when you do it over and over.

A special bonus which is also great, the app is fairly new and the Buffer App team comes out with new ways to use Buffer quite often. They recently added a download where you have the buffer with you during web surfing from any and every site you come across. Simply by installing the browser extension  it instals a button in the top right corner of your browser, so when you find a page to share, you just click the icon, write a short description, click post. Very simple and easy to use.

Social Media Scheduling Tool - Buffer App

Another great improvement is that the Buffer Team has added are the iPhone and android apps. Its the same concept and app as your computer you just download it from the app store, or android store. Then you are able to share posts from your mobile device, and update on the go.

I currently use the free buffer app which allows you to buffer for five different Social Media sites, and store ten posts in the queue for each site. There is an Awesome Plan that is ten dollars a month. It allows you to connect to twelve different Social Media sites, with unlimited number of buffer space which holds each post in its queue until your ready to post. There is added varieties of when you are able to set time and dates for your buffer posts to go out. For instance it allows you to set three posts to go out Monday then six to go out Tuesday, and 10 to go out Wednesday. The Awesome Plan also assigns you specific team members that can help you with questions regarding your specific account, to help you better manage your app.

The Team at Buffer has come up with 9 core values which represent their company and influence them daily. They are very wise values and something that anyone could benefit from reflecting on the values on a daily basis. The founders of Buffer app were inspired by Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People“.

9 Buffer Values:

1. Always choose positivity and happiness

2. Default to Transparency

3. Have a Focus on Self Improvement

4. Be a “no-ego” Doer

5. Listen First, Then Listen More

6. Have a Bias Towards Clarity

7. Make Time To Reflect

8. Live smarter, not Harder

9. Show Gratitude

The buffer app is a great tool that anyone can use to help maintain a constant Social Media presence. It is a fun app to use, and it seems like it would be a nice company to work for too! they are currently looking for new team members to add to their buffer app team. Try it out for yourself. I’m interested to see how you like the buffer app. Leave me a comment below!

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